January 16, 2018

ADMA Preliminary Fun Races

ADMA Preliminary Fun Races
Our fun races are a great way to experience sprint mushing and meet people in the sport!

Here are the dates, distances, and some reminders for our upcoming races.  All races with be held at the Musher’s Hall on the Jeff Studdert Trail system. Maps and race rules can be found at the ADMA website:  alaskadogmushers.com .

If you are interested in volunteering to help hold sled, with timing, etc please let us know!

Preliminary Fun Race # 1 Saturday December 30, 2017, with Interior Junior DMA

Prelim #2 Sunday January 14, 2018

Prelim #3 Saturday January 27, 2018, with Interior Junior DMA

Entry fee is $15 all adult classes.   Junior entries TBD and taken by IJDMA, I don’t have that information at hand.

Entries can be made the day of the race, closing at 10 am for skijoring, 10:30 for 4 dog, 11:00 for 6 dog, 11:30 for 8 dog  and open.

Start times:  10:30 for skijor, 11:00 for 4 dog, and 6 dog at 11:30 (11:45 if more than 15 teams), then 15 minutes between starts of 8-10 dog and open unless entries warrant more time and the timer agrees.  Junior mushers will leave 10 minutes after the last adult leaves the chute in each class.

Race distances are as follows. Please be aware that trail conditions may necessitate adjustments if safety dictates; we will be checking the trail a few days before and the morning of each event.

Races Distances:

Preliminary #1:

2 dog ski/4 dog 4.8 miles

6 dog:  6.2 miles

8 -10 dog: 9.6 miles

Open:  11.1 miles

Preliminary # 2:

2 dog ski/4 dog 4.8 miles

6 dog:  6.2 miles

8 dog-10 :  11.1 miles

Open: 14.4 miles

Preliminary #3

2 dogs ski/ 4 dog 6.2 miles

6 dog: 8 miles

8-10  dog: 12.5 miles

Open: 16.4 miles

There is a temperature cutoff for all preliminary races of -25F at 8:15 am at Fairbank International Airport. This can be checked :  http://swingleydev.com/weather/local_weather.php, use the reading for the Fairbanks airport. If the temperature is -25F or lower, the race is cancelled.  If -24 or higher, the race is on.

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