February 17, 2018

Free Conditioning Seminar: Canine vs Human

Free Conditioning Seminar:  Canine vs Human

Dr Arleigh Reynolds and UAF coach Scott Jerome to discuss endurance athlete physiology in a free public seminar during the 2010 ADMA Sled Dog Symposium.

 The Alaska Dog Mushers Association is excited to announce a special free public seminar with world renowned canine physiologist and nutritionist, Dr Arleigh Reynolds, and the University of Alaska Fairbanks Nanooks ski and cross country running coach, Scott Jerome.   This free public session is a must for sporting dog enthusiasts and for human athletes alike. 

 Racing sled dogs have often been likened to Tour de France cyclists in their endurance and stamina.  Dr Reynolds and Coach Jerome will discuss the differences and amazing similarities between human and canine athletes.  The session will be facilitated by champion distance musher and two-time Equinox Marathon finisher Jodi Bailey.

 The free session is open to the public and will be held at the Pioneer Park Civic Center on October 8th from 7pm to 9pm.  Visitors to this event can also visit the free Working Dog Trade Fair and the Yukon Quest Birthday Party. These events are all part of the annual Alaska Dog Mushers Association Sled Dog Symposium.  

 The ADMA Sled Dog Symposium is a great place for adult and junior mushers, as well as sled dog enthusiasts, to meet some of the top sled dog competitors and to hear some great information from our sport’s top human athletes.

 For more information on this free seminar, please contact Amanda Byrd at 978-0305 or email at manda_byrd@yahoo.com.

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