December 08, 2021

Places to view the ONAC. Start 1 pm

Places to view the ONAC.  Start 1 pm
Places to watch 75th Open North American Championship ONAC either from your vehicle or a short walk.
Carl Erhart will be announcing from the timing tower at the Mushers Hall,
  • ADMA the lower field is plowed which is best, please do not park by where the mushers will park and their handlers, give them their space, people are welcome to line the fence but again park in the normal parking area do not crowd the mushers parking area.
  • Corner of Farmers Loop Rd an Farmers Loop Extension which is almost to sourdough fuel, you can see them along the pole line just over 4 miles into it but not for very long.
  • Creamers Field is just over 6 miles into it and you get a good view of the teams for almost 1/2 mile.
  • The back parking lot of the fairgrounds is plowed this year and you can see the teams outbound from this location about 7 miles into it. If you walk and watch from the 14.5 mile turn you can also watch the teams inbound at about 14 miles into it from this same location.
  • There’s a road driveway right after or before Nature’s Trail on Farmers Loop depending on direction of travel and if you walk out there is a trail head there follow it for 100 yards and you can see the teams just before the turn home about halfway into the race.


Please on image below to download the PDF and print it:

spots to view the ONAC

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