January 16, 2018

Preliminary Fun Race #2 Sunday January 14th

Preliminary Fun Race #2 Sunday January 14th

Please join us for our next event!

Entry fee is $15 all adult classes. Junior entries TBD and taken by IJDMA.  Entries can be made the day of the race, closing at 10 am for skijoring, 10:30 for 4 dog, 11:00 for 6 dog, 11:30 for 8 dog and open.

Start times: 10:30 for skijor, 11:00 for 4 dog, and 6 dog at 11:30 (11:45 if more than 15 teams), then 15 minutes between starts of 8-10 dog and open unless entries warrant more time and the timer agrees. Junior mushers will start 2 minutes  after the last adult leaves the chute in each class.

Just a reminder that entry fees are cash or check only, no cards please.

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