February 17, 2018

Live Streaming Audio of the International Sled Dog Symposium

Live Streaming Audio of the International Sled Dog Symposium

Listening live? Ask the speaker a question!

Theater presentations at this year’s symposium will again be streamed on the Internet. The link to listen to the stream will be adma.no-ip.org:8000. Once there, click on the “Listen” link in the top menu bar.

Prior to the symposium and during some breaks, a stream of past sessions will be playing intermittently; during the symposium sessions, the stream will be live.

Listen Live to the Symposium (if it says the server is down, that means we’re experiencing technical difficulties, and we’re working to resolve the problem.)

To listen to these presentations, you’ll need appropriate software. There are a number of programs that will do the trick. On the Mac, iTunes is one choice; for Windows-based systems, we recommend Winamp. You may want to try entering the URL directly into your audio software, as it may give better results than going to the link via this web page.

Please take the time to answer the questions below about the quality and usefulness of the stream, so that we can improve next year. Email your answers to Ken Severin. You can also post your experiences to the comment area of this page.

  • Computer description (make, model, speed, memory)
  • Your connection type (T1, DSL, modem, cable modem)
  • Your audio player software
  • Audio quality (perfect, OK, broken-up but useable, too broken-up to listen, nothing)
  • Did you find the stream useful (and did it make you want to come to the symposium?)
  • Any other comments

Symposium recordings

Would you like a permanent record of what you heard over streaming audio? Symposium audio recordings of theater presentations are available for sale from Sled Dog Studio, including several years’ worth of past symposium sessions.

Our thanks to GCI, Sled Dog Studio, and Ken Severin for this year’s streaming audio.

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