February 17, 2018

Trail Report 28 Feb 2017

Trail Report 28 Feb 2017

From Sam, our trail boss:

The track has been packed down with the Skandic super wide track through the 19-mile. More to follow after a time out. I plan to breakout the Extension next then lots of rolling/compacting and dragging.

Please do not pull your personal drags on the ADMA Trail system. Sitting a classic ski track on a sprint dog mushing  / skijoring trail is not a good idea. Pulling a 4ft drag down the middle of an 8ft wide trail leaves a trench. It is even deeper when you make multiple passes over the same track. The ADMA Trail is maintained by the club for sprint racing. They require an 8ft wide, flat trail for the safety of the dogs and drivers. This trail work starts in early winter to support training and preliminary races, all in preparation for the North American Championship races each March. Thousands of dollars of prize money is at stake. Racers make great investments to travel to our community for one of the longest running premier dog races in the country. I believe this will be the 71st Open North American Championship. Because of this work, winter recreationists benefit by having a 30-mile, groomed trail within minutes of downtown.

Please respect groomed trails.

We have recently received a substantial amount of snow over a short period of time. Please be patient while we work to get the trail back into shape.

Thank you for your support.


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