We voted on three rule change proposals at the last General Membership Meeting last week, December 13, 2023.

The membership voted against passing the rule to limit use of hand-held electronics during races:
“Drivers should refrain from engaging in distracting activities that divert attention from safely running the team. Electronic devises used to measure speed, communicate, or take photos or videos must be mounted on the sled or must be worn by the driver and operated in such a way that both hands can be kept on the sled driving bow.”

The membership also voted against passing the proposal to “lower the eligibility age for LNAC to 14”.

The membership voted to approve the proposal to change wording in rule C-5 to clearly include use of microchipping as a way to mark and identify dogs at races.
The rule will now read: “C-5 A driver is not permitted to enter a heat with dogs different from those with which they stated the previous heat of the race. All dogs will be identified, marked and/or tagged by any marking technique deemed suitable by the race including a micro-chip placed under the dog’s skin. Mushers must list the dog’s name, tag number/letter, as well as the marking technique used, on the form provided by the race.”