Alaska Dog Mushers Association - Board of Directors

Alaska Dog Mushers Association is a 501c3 non-profit organization. We maintain over 25 miles of some of the finest dog mushing trails, and hold them to the highest standards possible.

We host a number of preliminary and championship races and also co-ordinate with JDMIA to host safe and fun race events for junior mushers. Our claim to fame is the prestigious Open North American Championship race, “The Granddaddy of them all”, which happens each spring around Equinox weekend, but we also have the Limited North American Championship where some the fastest teams in the world come to compete.

Our board of directors works hard all year-round to collaborate ideas and raise funds to maintain a robust race schedule and trail system in hopes of keeping sprint mushing alive and thriving in the area.

Todd Schallock

President (2023)

Todd Schallock is our current President and everyones’ favorite Turn-Around Marshall and split timer. He started racing dogs when he was 5 years old with his family, and has been involved with mushing ever since; he has probably run every Junior and Adult class, including ONAC. He has been involved with the ADMA board multiple times since the 1980’s and 2011-present. He was our VP from 2015-17 and has been President since 2018. Todd’s family has sponsored the Gold Run Championships Race since 2016. He also helps the Junior Dog Mushers as Race Marshall and coaches softball in the summer time.
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Don Standing Bear Forest

Vice-President (2024)

Don Standing Bear Forest is a member of the Mi’kmaq /Abenaki (Canada) First Nation. He has had multiple terms with the ADMA board since 1982; he was our Race Marshal for the 1986-87 season, has been our Race Judge from 1981-present, and is also our current Vice President. Don is a third generation musher and moved to Alaska 1975 to pursue racing sled dogs. He and his wife, Edie, operate Sunrise Kennel. He is also a local artisan at Standing Bear Creations; his jewelry is sold in galleries in Japan, France, and throughout North America.
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Magali Philip

Treasurer (2024)

Magali Philip moved to Alaska from France in 1993. She has been mushing and racing at sprint, stage-stop, and distance events in the USA, Europe and Russia, including multiple showings at ONAC and LNAC.

She has been a member of the ADMA board since 2015 and is our current Treasurer. She is a travel consultant and also enjoys participating and competing in agility events and trials.
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Jason Dunlap

Trustee (2024)

Jason Dunlap has been involved with mushing for many years, starting in 1995 in Michigan, eventually moving to Alaska and is currently a top contender in both open and limited classes. He is a carpenter/contractor and also operates a dog sledding tour business with his wife, Amy. He has been a board member since 2007. Jason is also an outdoorsman and has won multiple archery championship titles.

Shannon Erhart

Trustee (2023)

Shannon Erhart comes from a renowned mushing family; she is the youngest daughter of Gareth Wright and has been part of the mushing community her entire life. She has raced in Juniors, many Adult classes, including Open World Championship (Fur Rondy) and ONAC, she also won the Women’s World Championship in 1994. These days, Shannon is often found in the Timing Tower on race day. She has been a part of the ADMA board since 1988 and is our longest continuous member. She also works for Tanana Chiefs Council as the Tribal Development Deputy Director.
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Andria Bond

Trustee (2023)

Andria (she/they) joined the ADMA board in 2019. She has been mushing since 2015 and now runs open and limited classes. She has competed in both ONAC and LNAC multiple times. In the off-season she maintains their family’s small homestead and enjoys teaching sustainable and regenerative gardening groups.

Jennifer Probert-Erhart

Trustee (2024)

Jennifer is a dog musher, mom of six and works full time.  She and her husband, Carl Erhart, who she met in the dog yard, manage a kennel of 40 dogs.  Jennifer first started running dogs at age 2 because her parents were in the sport.  After a long stint without sled dogs, she returned to the sport to engage her own children. She adopted a dog from the shelter for her kids to start with.  Being a fan of fast cars and a warm bed, she found herself fitting well in the limited class sprint realm of dog mushing.  She’s been racing in the Alaska race circuit for almost 20 years now and has traveled as far as Daaquam Quebec Canada to race.  She’s competed in the IFSS World Championships in 2009 and 2013. Her 6 dog team has held track records at both Tok (recently broken) and Tanacross (still standing). She enjoys spending time with her dogs and watching her kids learn and develop life skills while dog mushing.
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Josh Link

Trustee (2023)

Josh Link is a practicing small animal veterinarian. He moved to Alaska in 2015 from eastern Pennsylvania and took up skijoring. He is currently running 2-dog skijor and growing his kennel in order to race limited class sled teams. Josh is our newest member and joined the ADMA board in 2021.
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Robert E. Lee III

Trustee (2023)

“Bob” Robert E. Lee III, was born and raised in Southern California.  Oldest of four boys, Bob worked at the family-owned transmission shop since the age of 8.  Bob was drawn to the dream of living in Alaska and the Alaskan lifestyle for as long as he can remember.  After raising a blended family of four kids and being faced with personal health issues, Bob and his wife decided that life was too short, pulled the plug on their residence in Southern California, tossed what they could into a 15-foot U-Haul and headed for Alaska!  Bob has been volunteering for ADMA since the 2020/2021 racing season and submerging himself into the Alaska lifestyle.  His love of dogs and supporting the future of the Alaskan State sport is his primary focus.