Alaska Dog Mushers Association - Trail Pass and Membership

Trail Pass

A season Trail Pass is required for use of the ADMA trail system, race grounds and parking lot. Your contributions are critical for our maintenance of the trail system (brushing and grooming), keeping the parking lot and lower field plowed, and other yearly maintenance to the grounds.

A season Trail Pass is $75, or $5/day for daily use. Trail passes will be mailed to you (except day pass) and should be placed in a visible location on the dash/window of your vehicle each time you use the trail.


Membership to ADMA is required to race at any of our events and a great way to support the club even if you are not racing.

An individual membership is $50 and $10 for each additional person in your household or kennel. Two-person membership is $60, and a Family/Kennel membership for 3 people is available for $70.

You can also purchase Trail Passes and Memberships by visiting an ADMA meeting or race, or by mailing checks to:

Alaska Dog Mushers Association
PO Box 70662
Fairbanks, AK 99707

When you become a trail user, please take the time to read our Trail Etiquette Rules below.

Trail Use and Etiquette

Please be aware of dog teams on the trail system at all times. Yield to dog teams if you are biking, skiing, walking on the trails. Faster dog teams have right of way.

When approaching a team to pass, loudly call “TRAIL!”. This alerts the person ahead that you are coming and allows them time to slow and pull to the side.

When some one calls “TRAIL!” behind you – slow your team, dog, or self down but do not need to stop. Pull over to side of trail as far as you safely can. Allow the team to pass, keep your dogs at a controlled speed until the team is a ways ahead before speeding back up as dogs have a tendency to “chase” other teams.

If you have dogs walking, pull them in beside you off or to the side of trail and HOLD them until the team is safely by. Loose dogs on the trail system is discouraged as they can also be a danger to teams coming through. Please keep walking dogs leashed and be aware for teams when on the trails.

Headphone use is not recommended on the trail system. It is important that you are able to hear if someone calls for “TRAIL!”

Try to avoid damaging the trail in anyway (including using bar and claw breaks unless stopping). Please do not ride your brake down the hill or around the trail system! Use as needed for safety, stopping and making turns only please. Damaged trail can cause injury to dogs running in a team, especially at sprint speeds.

Always make sure to clean up after yourself and your dogs before leaving the parking lot.