Due to the winter storms we are having and road conditions the meeting is postponed.

We will update you on the new date and time as soon as we decide on it .


December 29, 2021

Starting at 7pm at the Mushers Hall.

We will have a zoom link posted on FB for those of you who cannot attend.

We will vote on the rules and bylaws changes, proposed on 12/15.

To be able to vote you must be a current member of ADMA, you can renew or join ADMA online, see the link to PayPal on our home page.


We (the Board of Directors) have been going through race rules and procedures to add clarity to conflicting rules, clean up some wording on rules, and change some pronoun usage to be more inclusive. As a board we have also talked and decided we would like to begin using a Race Committee again. This would consist of at minimum Race Marshal, Race Officials, Timekeeper(s), and Turn-Around Marshall; the committee will also include Race Veterinarian and other Race Officials when able or necessary.

The number of people on the Race Committee will be odd and decisions will be made as a group with a majority rule/vote. Other Race Committee members can also be appointed as necessary, and should not consist of any individual racing in that specific race or class of that race. Due to involvement in races by committee members, it may not always be possible to have 5 people, but we will have at least 3 on the committee at each race. The Race Committee will work in an expeditious manner to resolve conflicts and make decisions. We believe that this will give us a broader perspective, more eyes on the trail, and will help us to make better judgements on issues in the future.

We also invite and encourage any interested members to contact a board member about becoming a member of the Race Committee, we would prefer if the committee contained people who are also not board members. If you are not interested in being on the Race Committee but are able to help in some other capacity please also let us know, we are always in need of more help and involvement from members and volunteers.

The rule changes being discussed and voted are as follows: http://alaskadogmushers.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/ADMA-Race-Rules-Procedures-Proposed-Changes-12_23_21.pdf