I groomed all through the 6 mile turn, 4.8 mile turn and once through the 4 mile. The first big dip before the 1 mile marker outbound is a little rough so slow up at this spot.

There are lots of willows on the trail surface from there to the big left hand turn at the end of the airport, actually a lot of willows everywhere. Both big dips after the 4.8 mile turn outbound are rough so slow up there as well. Lots over overhanging willows after the 6 mile turn and before the big dip inbound. The big dip inbound is manageable but rough so slow up through there. From there it’s all pretty good until the S curve, which is also very rough so nice and easy through there.

As time and weather permit, I will try to be out on the trail system most evenings to hold and improve what trail we do have as well as continue progress with new groomed trail surface until we get it all connected.

Enjoy and remember good trail etiquette and pay your trail fees.

Carl Erhart